INSAT Series and its impact

Context: The successful launch of a communication satellite by India, GSAT-9 or South Asia Satellite.

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INSAT (Indian National Satellite System): A series of multipurpose Geo-stationary satellites

The INSAT series, commissioned in 1983, has today become one of the largest domestic satellites systems in the Asia-Pacific region comprising 15 satellites in service.

The first satellite in the series was INSAT-1B launched in 1983. It initiated a major revolution in India’s communications sector and sustained the same later.

These satellites are placed in Geo-stationary orbit.

Currently the 15 operational satellites of this series are as follows.

  1. INSAT-3A
  2. INSAT-3C
  3. INSAT-4A
  4. INSAT-4B
  5. INSAT-4CR
  6. INSAT-3DR
  7. GSAT-6
  8. GSAT-7
  9. GSAT-8
  10. GSAT-10
  11. GSAT-12
  12. GSAT-14
  13. GSAT-15
  14. GSAT-16
  15. GSAT-18 (launched in October 2016)
  16. GSAT-9 (This is the most recent satellite in this series, launched in May 2017)

The INSAT system with more than 200 transponders in the C, Extended C and Ku-bands provides services to telecommunications, television broadcasting, satellite newsgathering, societal applications, weather forecasting, disaster warning and Search and Rescue operations.

Impact of the INSAT Series

The communication satellite series of India has grown into a very large constellation of satellites in the INSAT and GSAT series.

These satellites have revolutionized the technological and economic growth of the country.

The INSAT satellite system is one of the largest domestic communication satellite systems providing regular services in the areas of:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Business & personal communication
  3. Broadcasting
  4. Weather forecasting & meteorological services
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The rest of the article contains:

A discussion on the applications of INSAT programme in:

  1. Tele-education
  2. Tele-medicine
  3. Village Resource Centre (VRC)
  4. Disaster Management Support (DMS)
  5. Satellite news gathering
  6. VSATs
  7. Internet services
  8. e-governance
  9. Developmental communication applications
  10. Financial service network, such as the banking, the stock exchanges etc.