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Studying – and, not merely reading – The Hindu newspaper is vital and irreplaceable for your Civil Service Examination preparation. In this initiative of our Editorial Team, you will find daily listing of what to read in The Hindu.

The Hindu newspaper gives you all the required concepts and information for current events and contemporary issue coverage for the Prelims and Main General Studies for IAS.

Below, we are giving you a table of most important articles and news-pieces to be studied in today’s The Hindu newspaper.  In this table, you will also discover the importance of a specific article or news-piece, as we have indicated clearly whether it is related to the Preliminary Examination preparation or the Main or both. In case the topic is important for the Main Examination, we have also mentioned the specific part of the Main Examination syllabus. In some cases, we will also be giving you question orientation.

We expect you to take help of this initiative so that your newspaper reading gets a definite direction.

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List of topics for 11 July 2017
News or ArticlePage NumberFor Prelim or Main?AreaWhat to look out for? And, what extra needs to be explored?
1)Cyberattack link to glitches in Rjio1MG.S Paper 3- Cyber securityWith increasing cases of cyberattack, Comment on the need for an all India internal cybersecurity policy?
2)Aadhaar helps trace kin of runaways1MG.S Paper 3, S&TUpdate on benefit of Aadhaar:

-Biometric data helps trace original place of missing children/people and help them reunite with their families.

3)Berhampur celebrates annual Kandhei Jatra6PArt and CultureKandhei Jatra:-

-Kandhei Jatra or Toy Fair is a traditional festival celebrated every year in Berhampur in the Indian state of Odisha. The festival is three centuries old and related to the oldest Jagannath temple of the city.

-The festival is observed every year on full moon night of the Hindu month of Shravan, which is also celebrated as Guru Purnima.

4)The Hamburg tussle8MIROverview of G20 summit held in Hamburg,Germany
5)Targeting trawling8MIR, Environment-Issue of marine conservation, sustainable fishing and protecting livelihoods.

-Shift from trawling(a destructive fishing practice) to deep sea fishing.

-Sri Lanka’s legislative amendment to prohibit bottom trawling and those found guilty to attract two years imprisonment and a fine of 50,000 Sri Lankan rupees has emerged a cause of concern for T.N govt. and its fishermen. This issue can turn up to be a new flashpoint in Indo-Srilanka relations.

6)Bring the house up to date8P


G.S paper 2- Indian PolityUpdate on issue of legislative privileges and the need to maintain balance between Fundamental rights and Parliamentary Privileges.

-Art 105 and Art 194

-Source : British constitution

-Supreme Court’s decision in M.S.M Sharma Case : primacy to legislative privileges over free speech.

-Unlike in England, in India Constitution is supreme ,not Parliament. In India term ‘Sovereignty’ means ‘Popular Sovereignty’ and not ‘Parliamentary Sovereignty’. Opening words of our Constitution say “We the people” and not “We the legislators of India.” That is why individual rights should be given primacy over legislative privileges or the Parliament.

-Codification of Legislative privileges needed. Australia codified privileges in 1987.

7) Reading between the numbers9P


G.S paper 1- Social issues(P) World Population Day – 11th July

2017 Theme : “Family Planning : Empowering People, Developing Nations”

(M) Comment on Changing interplay of population size, growth and distribution across the globe.

8) Ships and Planes arrive11PDefenceMalabar series of exercise :

-between U.S, Japan and India

-It began in 1992 as a bilateral exercise between India and U.S. 2015 Japan was included.

-Currently 21st edition of exercise being held in Chennai.

Participants from India :

INS Vikramaditya(aircraft carrier), Ranvir(guided missile destroyer), Shivalik and Sahyadri(Indigenous stealth frigates), Kamorta(Anti-submarine corvette), Kara and Kirpan (Missile Corvettes), Jyoti(Fleet tanker), Sindhuvaj, long range P-8I patrol aircraft

9) Japan’s men-only island gets18PArt and CultureOkinoshima Island – Japan declared as World Heritage Site