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Studying – and, not merely reading – The Hindu newspaper is vital and irreplaceable for your Civil Service Examination preparation. In this initiative of our Editorial Team, you will find daily listing of what to read in The Hindu.

The Hindu newspaper gives you all the required concepts and information for current events and contemporary issue coverage for the Prelims and Main General Studies for IAS.

Below, we are giving you a table of most important articles and news-pieces to be studied in today’s The Hindu newspaper.  In this table, you will also discover the importance of a specific article or news-piece, as we have indicated clearly whether it is related to the Preliminary Examination preparation or the Main or both. In case the topic is important for the Main Examination, we have also mentioned the specific part of the Main Examination syllabus. In some cases, we will also be giving you question orientation.

We expect you to take help of this initiative so that your newspaper reading gets a definite direction.

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List of topics for 15 July 2017
News or ArticlePage NumberFor Prelim or Main?AreaWhat to look out for? And, what extra needs to be explored?
1) Saraswati, a supercluster5P


S & TWhat is a Galaxy?

Galaxies are huge collections of stars, dust and gas.

What are Galaxy Clusters?

-Galaxy clusters are a group or plenty of galaxies joined together by mutual pull of gravity.

Two types of galaxy clusters:

 1) Irregular galaxy clusters :

Irregular galaxy clusters have lesser masses and absence of a well-defined center.

2) Regular galaxy clusters

Regular galaxy clusters have a well defined core and a spherical shape.

What are Superclusters?

-Superclusters are clusters of clusters.

-First Supercluster to be discovered was Shapley supercluster in 1989.

-Second Supercluster to be discovered was Sloan Great Wall in 2003.

– The Milky Way galaxy is part of the Laniakea Supercluster discovered in 2014.

What is newly discovered Saraswati?

-Saraswati is a Supercluster.

-It has 42 superclusters.

-It is 600 million light years away from the earth.

-Discovered by Indian Astronomers.

-Galaxies are mainly named after rivers. Milky Way was named Akash Ganga. So newly discovered Super Cluster is named after ancient river Saraswati.

Where does the supercluster Saraswati lie in the sky?

It lies in the Stripe 82 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey(SDSS).

What is SDSS?

– SDSS is an ambitious plan to make a digital three dimensional map of the universe.

– SDSS is a major multi-filter imaging and spectroscopic red shift survey.

2) Unsurprising verdict6MG.S paper 2 and 3Comment on how NEET could be an answer to rampant commercialization of medical education. What steps could be taken to ensure that it is not at the cost of government’s socio-economic goals and also steps that could bring about a level playing field for both rural and urban students in this exam?
3) Maximum support, maximum price7MG.S paper 3Suggest steps that can be taken by government to address increasing woes of farmers in light of various farmer agitations?

-Implementation of M.S. Swaminathan Committee’s recommendation that MSP should be 1.5 times higher than the cost of production.

-Farm loan waivers in regulated way.

-Train the farmers for this occupation.

-Opening of government procurement centres on time.(It is observed that procurement centres are opened 1-2 months after the crop is ready which creates storage problems for the farmers.)

– Not all the produce is bought by these centres, it is at times rejected on the grounds of quality.

-Government should purchase  all major crops at MSP.

4) I’m apolitical and I regard9PIndian Polity(article not important perse )

Only facts related to Election of Vice-President. – electoral college, tenure, removal , functions etc.

5) Malabar drills aim at giving9MIR-Importance of Malabar exercise to the three participating nations?

-About  Asia-Africa Growth Corridor Project – an India-Japan collaboration in Africa a counter to China’s Belt and Road initiative.


6) EU , India set up fund11MIRUpdate on EU-India relationship:

-Establishment of an Investment Facilitation Mechanism(IFM) for EU investments in India.

-IFM is established with the objective of   identifying and solving  problems faced by EU companies and investors with regard to their operations in India.

– It will help promote ease of doing business in India a priority of GoI’s Make In India initiative.

Facts about Invest India :

– Invest India is the official Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of the Government of India, mandated to facilitate investments into India.

– Invest India is under Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry.