What to Read in The Hindu | 05-02-2018

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In the table below, you have the list of most important articles and news-pieces to be studied in today’s The Hindu newspaper.  You will also discover the importance of a specific article and whether it is related to the Preliminary Examination preparation or the Main or both.

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List of topics  – THE HINDU (Delhi Edition)

Date: 05 February 2017

News or ArticlePage NumberFor Prelim or Main?AreaWhat to look out for? And, what extra needs to be explored?
1) Odisha ready to welcome olive ridleys


6PEnvironmentAbout Olive Ridley Turtles, IUCN status, reasons for the danger, conservation efforts.

Whats the news?

Fencing along the sea coast to protect the olive ridley turtles during their mass nesting at the Rushikulya rookery in Odisha is being increased by two more kilometres this year.

2) Pre-Christian era artefacts unearthed in Odisha


7PHistoryWhats the news?

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has discovered pottery pieces, and tools made of stones and bones believed to be of the pre-Christian era from a mound in Jalalpur village of Cuttack district.

3) Limited succour


8MG.S. paper 2Recent policies and schemes announced in Budget 2018 for senior citizens.
4) If that door should shut now


8MG.S. paper1, paper 2Critically comment on India’s refugee policy and should India welcome refugees from across the borders?
5) Understanding the HPV vaccine’s risk


9MG.S. paper1 , paper 4Issue of HPV vaccines, causes & consequences, ethical issues involved in clinical trials.
6) Mixing work with study


9MG.S. paper 2Merits and Demerits of adopting “dual” German model of  classroom instruction plus apprentice training  for Indian Children and her economy?
7) Deciphering LTCG tax on equity


14PEconomyAbout LTCG tax on equity