What to Read in The Hindu | 10-03-2018

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List of topics  – THE HINDU (Delhi Edition)

Date: 10 March 2017

News or ArticlePage NumberFor Prelim or Main?AreaWhat to look out for? And, what extra needs to be explored?
1)SC upholds passive euthanasia

2) For the terminally ill, the right to meet death halfway


3)Verdict leaves Mumbai crusaders elated












MG.S. paper 2, G.S. paper 4All about Euthanasia- Ethical principles involved, countries where it is legal

What’s the news?

The Supreme Court has upheld passive euthanasia and the right to give advance medical directives or ‘Living Wills’ to smoothen the dying process as part of the fundamental right to live with dignity.

4) Rajasthan passes Bill to give death to child rapists1, 9MG.S. paper 2What’s the news?

Rajasthan has become the second State, after M.P., to pass a Bill providing for death penalty to those convicted of raping girls of 12 years and below.

5) Death with dignity


6MG.S. paper 2, paper 4The core philosophy underlying the Supreme Court’s recent verdict allowing passive euthanasia and giving legal status to ‘advance directives’ is that the right to a dignified life extends up to the point of having a dignified death. Discuss.
6) Trade goes on




IRUpdate on CPTPP

Which all countries are part of CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership)?