What to Read in The Hindu | 08-04-2018

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List of topics  – THE HINDU (Delhi Edition)

Date: 08 April 2018

News or ArticlePage NumberFor Prelim or Main?AreaWhat to look out for? And, what extra needs to be explored?
1) Nepal for ties based on mutual respect


1MG.S. paper 2Update on India-Nepal ties
2) ‘Kerala Jackfruit’ to hit global market soon8PMisc.Jackfruit recognised as the Kerala’s official fruit.
3) The lowdown on row over SC/ST Act verdict


12MG.S. paper 2Supreme Court’s verdict on SC/ST Act and related controversy- The court under the ruling laid down new guidelines for police officers on how to ensure that innocent persons, especially public officials, are protected from false complaints.

What lies ahead? How did it come about?What is it?Why does it matter?


4) have protests erupted again over Cauvery?




G.S. paper 2Protests over Cauvery issue

What is the agitation for? What is the ‘scheme’? Why does TN want a Board? Why is Cauvery important for T.N.?

About river Cauvery- states in passes through, tributaries

5) Tough terrain saves Sikkim’s high-altitude forests


14MG.S. paper 3What is saving Sikkim’s tropical forests?

Being higher and out of reach is probably saving Sikkim’s high-altitude tropical forests. Scientists find that land-use patterns changed more drastically in the more-accessible lower regions, causing a staggering 16% decline in primary broadleaved forest cover in the Sikkim Himalaya.

Primary forests located at higher reaches (2,000-2,800) metres were safer than that at lower reaches (around 1,000 m)

6) CSMCRI uses seaweed to remove lead, chromium and dyes from wastewater




S&TResearchers at CSIR-Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavanagar, Gujarat have synthesised a graphene–iron sulphide nanocomposite to remove toxic materials like lead, chromium & dyes from wastewater.
7) New source of nitrogen


14MEnvironmentResearchers found nearly 26% of nitrogen in natural ecosystems is sourced from rocks.
8) New type of antibiotics to fight drug resistance (Sec-2)




ScienceA new class of antibiotics called odilorhabdins, or ODLs produced by symbiotic bacteria found in soil-dwelling nematode worms has a distinct way of killing bacteria, has been discovered which may help combat drug-resistant or hard-to-treat bacterial infections, according to scientists.
9) Blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease


14MScienceScientists have developed a new blood test for Alzheimer’s disease that can detect early indicators of the disease long before the first symptoms appear in patients.