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IAS GS takes your IAS General Studies preparation to the next level with ultra-focused courses backed by passionate faculty, data-driven trend analysis, focused teaching and concise study-material.

9 All India Rank 1

in the UPSC CSE and IFS examinations

100+ in Top 10 list

of the UPSC CSE and IFS examinations

~2000 selections

in the UPSC CSE and IFS examinations

18 years

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India's leading institution for the UPSC CSE and Indian Forest Service Examinations for the last 18 years.
Evolution is trusted by 2000+ selected candidates
9 All India Rank 1 in the UPSC CSE and IFS Examination
100+ positions in the Top-10 lists of the UPSC CSE and IFS Examination
Driven by a passionate team led by Dr. Abhishek Kumar
One of India’s foremost experts in guiding students through the UPSC Civil Services and Indian Forest Service examinations.

IAS GS was born out of a desire to simplify General Studies preparation for students.

We do this by focusing on the essentials and cutting out all the noise that has become a hallmark of the Civil Services test prep ecosystem, particularly in General Studies. As a result, we are faced with a phenomenon of falling scores at a time when there is a veritable sea of preparation resources available to the student.

IAS GS will focus on the needs of the Civil Services exam, and not on overwhelming you with an endless flood of “resources” in the form of daily updates, needless classes, and bulky study material that is forgotten as soon as it is prepared.

We will focus on helping you get optimal value from their preparation time through quality, research-backed, and frequently updated content that goes as deep as the Civil Services exam needs. No more, and no less.

The IAS GS team is led by Dr. Abhishek Kumar, one of India’s foremost experts in guiding students through the UPSC Civil Services and Forest Service exam, having hundreds of selections to his name.

With more than five decades of collective experience, the IAS GS team is excited to offer you a fresh approach to General Studies.

Our two goals

We at IAS GS have got two main aims.

  1. Firstly, to run the easiest and most effective preparation courses for the CSE General Studies.
  2. Secondly, to ensure that our courses are accessible to anyone regardless of location, money or background.

Loved and highly rated by toppers

Vishal Khatri

IFS Rank - 5, 2019

I had joined the following courses at Evolution (GS wing), both in online mode - 1) Interview Preparation Module with  2 in-person mock interview + lectures on Current Affairs and Forestry 2) Prelims modules - Current affairs, Environment and Science-Tech.

It helped me quickly improve my Environmental Ecology preparation from a generalist CSE paper 3 level to the depth required for IFoS. I have seen many of my friends struggle in Environment and SciTech due to lack of a good, consolidated source. Evolution's extremely relevant and comprehensive coverage of these topics definitely added value to my preparation.

Abhishek Sir's lectures were rigorous, yet focused and engaging. The narrative format of delivery improved my understanding, as well as retention, reducing the need for revision. His broader guidance on framing of answers (structuring, prioritisation) was immensely helpful. I would unhesitatingly recommend these courses to any serious aspirant.

Vaibhava Srivastava IFS Rank 1, IAS Rank 93

Vaibhava Srivastava

IFS Rank - 1, 2017 | IAS Rank - 92, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!


IFS Rank - 1, 2016

I prepared for my optionals and the Personality Test with Evolution for the Civil Service and IFS Examinations.

The course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination and helped me significantly getting where I am today.

Anupam Sharma

IFS Rank - 2, 2017

Every member of the Evolution team (Abhishek sir, Suman ma’am, Chiranth sir and others) has been a source of immense help, support, guidance and motivation for me.

In fact, now I identify myself also as a part of it. While many persons & institutions helped me in achieving my & my family’s dream, Evolution’s was the most dominant force …the Optimus Prime. I shall always remain indebted to Evolution. Thanks a lot:)