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Environmental Ecology for Prelims 2023

The ultimate class for mastering Environmental Ecology faster, more comprehensively and with a greater degree of clarity - regardless of your background. Join this program for to-the-point coverage, clear concepts from basics, streamlined lecture handouts and latest updates.

A course by

Dr. Abhishek Kumar

One of India’s leading experts in guiding students through the UPSC Civil Services and Indian Forest Service examinations. In his teaching career of 20 years, he has helped close to 2000 candidates get a selection in the UPSC Civil Service and IFS Examinations, including 9 All India Toppers.
He is widely recognised for his clear, examination focused approach and making concepts easy to grasp without sacrificing academic rigour.

What you'll learn in this course

  1. What are the main topics from where the examiner has been asking questions more frequently and how to cover them so well that you do not miss any questions
  2. Clear concepts on all the vital themes in Environmental Ecology relevant for the CSE Prelims
  3. Background conceptual coverage for the CSE Main examination also
  4. The current updates on all the topics covered
  5. Emerging Environmental Ecology fields, which are widely in news
  6. India's achievements in different fields of Environmental Ecology
  7. Detailed coverage of policy matters, treaties, and legislations in the field of Environmental Ecology

How this course will help you

  • You will be comfortable with the core concepts of Environmental Ecology relevant for Prelims General Studies.
  • We will teach all the topics assuming you have no background in these subjects. So, irrespective of your background you will be able to get a grip over this area that has been giving 15-20 questions on an average.
  • You will also be understanding with better clarity the emerging areas and new concepts of Environmental Ecology.
  • This coverage will also give you a grip over the major current updates in the field of Environmental Ecology.
  • You will also be able to comfortably handle the questions on policy matters, treaties, and legislations in the field of Environmental Ecology.
  • PYQ analysis and solution of 5 years will give you an insight into the pattern.
  • Finally, the comprehensive test before the Prelims 2023 with 100 probable themes in Science and Technology will make you examination ready.

Course Content

Major themes covered

  1. Core concepts of Ecology and Environment
  2. Different types of ecosystems, ecological communities, biomes and their processes
  3. Biogeochemical cycles
  4. Biological diversity: A comprehensive coverage
  5. Wildlife Conservation: A comprehensive coverage
  6. Protected areas and Protected species
  7. Forests and Forestry: A comprehensive coverage
  8. Climate Change: A comprehensive coverage
  9. Environmental degradation and pollution and ways to deal with them
  10. Global environmental issues other than climate change
  11. Clean energy resources: A comprehensive coverage
  12. Policies, Laws and International Institutional Arrangement for Environmental Issues
  13. Miscellaneous Topics
  14. Current Issues on Ecology and Environment
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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
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Rs. 9,990
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Rs. 3,990
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October 31, 2022
Admission opens on: 
Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Course features and inclusions at a glance

  • About 40 hours of on-demand video (You can finish the entire content in about 3-4 weeks)
  • Live-online sessions for Current Updates before the Prelims 2023
  • Validity till UPSC CSE Prelims 2023 with no limit on video playbacks
  • Single device access on Android Learning App or Web (iOS App to be available soon)
  • All lecture slides with teacher's annotations available for download and printing
  • Selective supplements with concise value-addition content, available for download and printing
  • A comprehensive test before the Prelims 2023 with 100 probable themes
  • Solved questions from the last 5 years
  • Access to the doubt-resolution sessions

Loved and highly rated by toppers

Vishal Khatri

IFS Rank - 5, 2019

I had joined the following courses at Evolution (GS wing), both in online mode - 1) Interview Preparation Module with  2 in-person mock interview + lectures on Current Affairs and Forestry 2) Prelims modules - Current affairs, Environment and Science-Tech.

It helped me quickly improve my Environmental Ecology preparation from a generalist CSE paper 3 level to the depth required for IFoS. I have seen many of my friends struggle in Environment and SciTech due to lack of a good, consolidated source. Evolution's extremely relevant and comprehensive coverage of these topics definitely added value to my preparation.

Abhishek Sir's lectures were rigorous, yet focused and engaging. The narrative format of delivery improved my understanding, as well as retention, reducing the need for revision. His broader guidance on framing of answers (structuring, prioritisation) was immensely helpful. I would unhesitatingly recommend these courses to any serious aspirant.

Vaibhava Srivastava IFS Rank 1, IAS Rank 93

Vaibhava Srivastava

IFS Rank - 1, 2017 | IAS Rank - 92, 2017

I have learnt so much from the way Abhishek sir articulates and presents his thoughts. Thank you so much, sir, for your encouragement, guidance and support!

Abhishek sir, thank you so much for creating such an enabling and friendly environment!


IFS Rank - 1, 2016

I prepared for my optionals and the Personality Test with Evolution for the Civil Service and IFS Examinations.

The course and notes have been exactly in tune with the needs to the examination and helped me significantly getting where I am today.

Anupam Sharma

IFS Rank - 2, 2017

Every member of the Evolution team (Abhishek sir, Suman ma’am, Chiranth sir and others) has been a source of immense help, support, guidance and motivation for me.

In fact, now I identify myself also as a part of it. While many persons & institutions helped me in achieving my & my family’s dream, Evolution’s was the most dominant force …the Optimus Prime. I shall always remain indebted to Evolution. Thanks a lot:)

Why do you need coaching for GS? 

GS is the universal requirement

Very good preparation of General Studies is essential to clear any stage of the Civil Service Examination. Without GS, nothing matters in the overall preparation.

The GS syllabus is huge

General Studies syllabus includes topics from more than 10 subject areas, with a large number of open-ended topics. You need guidance and teaching from experts to get a hold on the syllabus.

Good preparation material is not easily available

There is an abundance of free resources but quality study material for GS is still rare. Our concise study material will greatly reduce your workload and time investment.

You may not be equally good in every area

Irrespective of your background, you will need a teacher in many areas of GS. A teacher will simplify the concepts and help you develop a solid command over all topics.

Current Affairs poses a really big challenge

The current affairs section requires simplification, organisation and direction from teachers. Without guidance, this section may be unmanageable.

Understanding the trend is critical

Only an experienced team of experts can help you gain an insight into the pattern of the examination, and give your efforts a proper direction.


What type of lectures will I be getting?
Depending on the course, the lectures will be live-online or recently recorded videos. This is always mentioned under the Course features and inclusions at a glance section of the course details webpage. Please go through this section carefully before signing up.
Tell me more about recorded videos
All the recorded videos are recently recorded using desktop recording softwares or in a proper studio set-up. The videos are in HD quality but optimised for adaptive streaming over low bandwidth internet connection.
Our team is continuously creating new video lessons to incorporate recent content and modifications.
How will I receive the live-online classes?
We will stream the live-online classes on our secure platform, which you can access using our mobile app available for Android devices (both phones and tablets). The iOS version will also be available soon. Some courses may be available over web-browser for a brief transition period. This will always be mentioned under the Course features and inclusions at a glance section of the course details webpage.
What if I miss a live-online class?
The recording of a live-online class will be available for you within the app / portal through the validity of the course. You can watch and revise your classes anytime.
Can I watch the recoded videos offline?
Yes. You can download and save the videos within the app for offline viewing. This is helpful when you do not have a very reliable internet connection.
From how many devices can I access the course?
Your course can be accessed only on a single device. Our system will remember the device (tablet / mobile / web-browser) where you first login. You will always have access on this device only. Login from a second device will fail and such an attempt will automatically block your account.
Any limitation?
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What is included in the Free Trial?
For most - but not all - courses, you can view a cross-section of our online lecture videos and tutorials. If you like what you see, you will love what the rest of the course has to offer.
How long will I have access to the course?
The video content of a course remains accessible till its validity. The PDF files shared in the course can however be downloaded by you. Course validity is always mentioned under the Course features and inclusions at a glance section of the course details webpage. Please go through this section carefully before signing up.
What about notes?
Most -but not all - courses will include 2 types of PDF content available for download and printing: (1) Lecture slides with teacher's annotations, and (2) Selective need-based supplements with concise value-addition content.
What about tests?
Most - but not all - courses include a certain number of tests designed to replicate the UPSC standard, and help you test and consolidate your knowledge. We focus on ensuring a good standard rather than on overwhelming you with hundreds of questions.
How will my doubts be addressed?
You can connect with your faculty on IAS GS Social, our community that brings together our faculty and all the learners. This is an amazing platform have discussions with your peers and teachers.
Any restrictions?
Only One. We have zero-tolerance policy for piracy. Our platform has in-built and continuously updating security features to detect attempts for multi-device login, attempts to download course videos and attempts to capture the screen.
Violating accounts are automatically and permanently blocked.
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