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Site membership – A massive edge to your IAS preparation

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Our Premium Content stands out because they are prepared by experienced mentors for IAS preparation. You will get unparalleled clarity, rigorous treatment, coherent organization and examination compatible language from each article of Premium Section.

Membership gives you unrestricted access to superlative preparation material available on IAS GS website. These materials add power to the most important part of your General Studies preparation – Current Affairs and Analysis.

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Why current affairs?

A good analytical grasp over current developments is essential for performing well in all stages of the Civil Services Examination. Though it has always been so, in the last three years the importance of current affairs and related knowledge areas has increased dramatically. This applies to both Prelims and Main stages of the Civil Service Examination. Just consider these facts:

  1. In the IAS Preliminary Examination 2017, almost 40 questions were either directly from current affairs or based on related knowledge areas.
  2. In the Main Examination from the year 2013 onwards, more than 50% weightage is on contemporary issues. In the Main Examination, most of the questions are not asked directly on the topics but on issues related to the topics.
  3. Add to this the nearly 100% weightage in Essay and Interview that remains on Current Affairs, related facts and analysis.

It is important to note that the Civil Services exam is not merely a test of knowledge, but of understanding. Linking your answers to current developments adds immense force to your arguments, and makes answers stand out from the text-book oriented answers that most aspirants write. This obviously leads to better marks, in not only the GS and Essay but also in your Optional subject.

Finally, at the Personality Test, it is impossible to perform well without a grasp over current events where you might be asked questions from any discipline that has been in the news. While one is not expected to be an expert on every topic, awareness of issues of current relevance is certainly expected.

Why membership?

The importance of current affairs notwithstanding, keeping track of current affairs is not an easy task, as so much would seem to unfold on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is rare that you get a complete picture from one newspaper. So, if you want to have a real grasp over current affairs you must be ready to go through several sources, such as newspapers,  magazines and a number of web resources.

This is indeed a bit too much but that would not discount the importance of current affairs in your pursuit to success.

Our Membership aims to solve exactly this problem. It will take the pain out of your current affairs preparation and making it easy and fun.

IASGS.COM intends to remove the need for compiling, processing and analyzing current affairs so that you focus on what you should ideally be doing – reading, learning and retaining information.

  1. The IASGS.COM content is in the notes form and not in the news form. We process every piece of current affairs exactly according to the needs of the examination. So, you get ready to use articles in the same language and style needed by the examination with all the relevant background and add on information.
  2. IASGS.COM  premium content will provide much better filtering of current affairs. We do not cover each and every news mindlessly and overload you. We handpick the topics which have a relevance to your IAS preparation.
  3. The content is organized according to the requirements of the examination in three comprehensive sections:
    1. CURRENT AFFAIRS – Subdivided further in to different sections of the syllabus such as Polity, Economy, International Relations and so on. It will cover important current events in brief capsules. This section is mainly important for the Preliminary Examination. But, it will also serve as important factual base for Main Examination oriented analytical coverage.
    2. IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS – This section is important solely for the Main Examination and the Interview. Subdivided further in to different Papers of the IAS Main syllabus such as Paper I (Social Issues and Culture), Paper II (Polity, Law, Governance, Social Justice, International Relations), Paper III (Economy, Science and Technology, Public Health, Environment, Internal Security) and Paper IV (Ethical dimensions of current issues)
    3. CURRENT GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – Such as Important days, Terms in news, Persons in news, Places in news, Awards & Honours, Books & authors etc. This section is important almost solely for the Preliminary Examination.

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